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[News] Server Notice !!

Dear User, We finished Database Work^^


by [GM]Blue
[News] Server Notice !!

Dear User, We need to work with the database as a DDOS attack.

We need to work with the database.

Work Time : 2017. 08. 04 10:30 ~

I will announce the end time separately. Sorry^^

by [GM]Blue
[News] Urgent Notice !!

We were attacked by a server.....

However, we recovered immediately...

We apologize for any inconvenience.

by [GM]Blue
[News] Aug EXP Events !!
by [GM]TheLove
[News] LH-Movius New Patchs !!
by [GM]TheLove
[News] EXP 3 -> EXP 2 Notice ^^

EXP Event Notice !!!

Dear User, We have a System problems. T.T

So We can't apply EXP 3 Events. Sorry ^^

So We will start the EXP2 Events. And We will add a one more day ^^

We will be running the EXP 2 Event for 4 Days ^^ (21 ~ 24, July 2017)

We apologize for any inconvenience^^ T.T Sorry ^^

Enjoy the EXP Events ^^

by [GM]Blue
[News] July Exp Events !!
by [GM]TheLove
[News] Low Leven Buff Events !!

Low Level Buff Event ^^

We are going to do double events for new and low level users.

Double buff zone

- Laglamia, Shilon, S1 Zone

- Buff time: 2017. 06. 22. 22:00 ~ 2017. 07. 31. 11:59

Thank you very much !!

by [GM]TheLove
[News] S4 Zone Patch and Change the Item Rate ^^
by [GM]TheLove
[News] Movius Rules ^^

Lh-Movius Rules ^^

Please check the forum.

If you violate the rules, you will be disadvantaged.

+GM will monitor every day.

by [GM]TheLove
[News] Result the Level Up Events and Lucky Events ^^

Thank you for join the Events ^^

We will pay for the items soon ^^

Congratulations ^^

Lucky Rank 1 - LHM0077

Lucky Rank 2 - LHM0306

Lucky Rank 3 - LHM1000

Lucky Rank 4 - LHM0000

Lucky Rank 5 - LHM7942

#####Item payment takes 1-2 days###

by [GM]TheLove
[News] Promotion Events !!

Event duration: 2017. 05. 16 ~ 2017. 06. 30

by [GM]TheLove
[News] Notice Bug and Cheat Engine. ^^

Notice Bug and Cheat Engine!!

1. If you use bugs and cheat engines

- Permanent Ban

2. Accusation of illegal software users!!!

- Take a video, upload it to YouTube and send the Link as a Ticket.

- Reward: 100000 LP

- The award will be paid after confirmation.

Let's make a clean server.

by [GM]TheLove