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[News] Fixed LP system !!!

Dear users, we have fixed the LP system.

Please use LP system ^^

Thank you for waiting.

If you have problems using the LP system, please send a ticket.

by [GM]TheLove
[News] LHMovius Server Open Events !!

Dear Users , Please Reinstall !! Again Download

LHMovius Server Open Event

1. LP System Event (30% over 2 weeks)

- 5 $ 20000LP -> 26000LP (30% UP)
- 10 $ 20000LP -> 52000LP (30% UP)
- 25 $ 20000LP -> 130000LP (30% UP)
- 50 $ 20000LP -> 260000LP (30% UP)
- 75 $ 20000LP -> 390000LP (30% UP)
- 100 $ 20000LP -> 520000LP (30% UP)

Event period: 2017. 04. 24 ~ 2017. 05. 08 (2 week)

2. Exp double Event (2 weeks)

by [GM]TheLove
[News] Reset Close Beta Server !!

by [GM]TheLove
[News] GS Recruitment!!

We look for 2 GS applicants.

The role of GS is communication between general users and GM.

There is no special permission for the game.

▷Support conditions

- Need to speak basic English.

- Only one language other than English is required. (Ex> Korea, japan ... etc)

▷GS user Benefits

- We will pay GS 30000LP per month.

Application date: 2017. 04. 21 ~ 2017. 05. 06 18:00

How to apply: Please comment.

▷Comment form

- User ID: test

- Character Name: [GM] Love

- Application story: I can communicate with many users.

by [GM]TheLove
[News] The End Close Beta !!

by [GM]TheLove
[News] Open Beta LP System !!

It is now open beta service.

Do not use the LP system.

Those who paid by 12:00 on April 16, 2017 will be paid after the closing beta.

After the announcement, the person who paid LP is not responsible.

I will do my best all the time.
by [GM]TheLove
[News] Laghaim Movius closed beta started

Welcome LH Movus players,

We are testing our servers, we are currently in a closed beta phase. We welcome any suggestions and input from all players to make us able to provide the best service

by [GM]TheLove
[News] Welcome to Laghaim Movius

Welcome LH Movus Players,

We are very glad you could come and play on our server. To use a trouble ticket please do register in our forums.

by [GM]TheLove