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[News] Siege War Events!! (Servertime : 07. Feb. 2018)
Shilon Siege War : 20:00 ~ 21:00
GWH Siege War : 21:00 ~ 22:00
by [GM]Blue
[Notice] Mobius Schedule Event !!
The Mobius schedule will return to server scheduling.
I set the current time, but I need to check the time to return tomorrow.
Therefore, we will Mobius compensation today.
The GM character will summon Mobius monsters manually.
It will be done for 1 hour, please enjoy.
Event time: 19:20 ~ 20:20 (1 hour, server time)
Event map: Shilon Feild
Currently, the server is unstable.
It is possible to connect, but it is unstable due to DDOS attack.
Please enjoy the game. Thank you.
by [GM]Blue
[Notice] Server up !!
Now Start the server !!
Enjoy the gmaes ^^
Thank you.
by [GM]Blue
[Notice] Server up !!
Now Start the server !!
Enjoy the gmaes ^^
Thank you.
by [GM]Blue
[News] Congratulations LHMovius-War GS!!
Welcome to LHMovis-War GS.
Character name: Yebbi, Ares
GS name: [GS] Yebbi, [GS] Ares
In the future, you will communicate with many users.
Thank you.
by [GM]Blue
[News] Need a GS Volunteers!!
We are choosing a user to be a GS
The role of GS
1. Maintain communication with normal users.
2. Organize the event with GM.
3. Controls disputes with users.
How to Join?? Send to E-mail!!
E-Mail : lhmovius@lhmovius.com
========E-Mail Contents========
User ID:
Character Name :
Motive :
#Only one person will be selected#
#We want someone who works hard on the game.#
Please join us a lot!!!
by [GM]Blue
[News] Now Server Open!!
Now Server Open.
The server has been normalized.
The server was restored at 11:47 AM on January 30, 2018.
Thank you
by [GM]Blue
[News] Now DDOS Attack!!
Now Server Checking ......
The check completion time is not yet confirmed.
We will notify you after inspection.
Thank you
by [GM]Blue
[News] Mobius Schedules!!
SUN : 18:00
MON : 19:00
TUE : 20:00
WED : 18:30
THU : 21:00
FRI : 17:00
SAT : 19:00
[ Server Time ]
by [GM]Blue
[News] LHMovius-War Server !!
※Use the Internet Explorer!!
※Wait a 10Sec !!
LHMovius-War 1st Open Announcement
1. Log out of LHMovius and login to LHMovius-War.
(If you have a session in LHMovius and you buy LPs from LHMovius-War)
(Conversely, if you use LHMovius after logging in from LHMovius-War)
2. The LHMovius-War server reopens once every six months.
(All data is initialized.)
by [GM]Blue
[News] Nov Exp Events!!
by [GM]Blue